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Heard about Eweb’s new “Advanced Meters”

He asked me what I want for my birthday. We also talked about what size tv I want since he just bought a 60” for such a great price. I want a car and a tv lol, but I don’t want to be greedy. Also, the cab company that I always take rents a building from him so he’s going to talk to them and see if they’ll take me to work on the days the bus doesn’t run and he will take it out of their rent. He’s a genius! No more paying $20 to get to or from work on Sunday, late nights, and holidays :)

I wish more of my friends stayed in Eugene this summer.

So many things went wrong today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. My phone got turned off early in the day (even though I paid $125 a few days ago), so I couldn’t ask my dad for a ride to the hair salon. Since I couldn’t get a ride, I had to take a taxi and bart (for the first time by myself). My sister said I could use her iPhone so I won’t be wandering around a city I didn’t know well without a phone. I ended up losing her phone on the taxi (I think). Then I got lost in Oakland, almost had a few panic attacks, and some weird dude tried to get me to go to his house. Then I had to take bart back, almost got lost again, but finally got home. I feel horrible for losing my sister’s phone, but she and my mom aren’t tripping and said she’ll get a new one tomorrow. Since my phone was off I couldn’t call my dad to talk about our trip to Oregon tomorrow. My phone is back on now though and my hair looks iight, even though I cut it pretty short. I can’t wait to get to Oregon. Oh yeah and I sent my boyfriend a facebook message since he’s avoiding me and I’m kind of almost single now.

I’m trying to pack for Oregon and I have way too much stuff. My mom says I don’t need 25 pairs of shoes. I got my clothes down to six suit cases and duffel bags though. I suck at packing.

I still haven’t gotten my roommate assignment, but my roommate just added me on facebook. x) I’m guessings she’s not from Cali since most of the California people going to U of O still haven’t gotten their room stuff.

I’m leaving for Oregon tomorrow night and I still haven’t started packing. I wish I could just put everything in my closet and room in my bag because I hate choosing what to bring. I’ll most likely come back Tuesday.

All these Oregon people keep talking to me about Macklemore and I have no idea who he is >_<