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I wish more of my friends stayed in Eugene this summer.

We only had 15 minutes of my writing class (and I showed up ten minutes late :P)

Anonymous: How's U of O treating you? I'm also from the bay and am considering going there. Any advice?

I love U of O! It is seriously an amazing school. The campus is gorgeous and I love the trees here. There are also tons of parties to go to and there are always things to do. The out of state fees are killing me, but I think this school is worth it. There are so many kids from the bay and California in general. It kind of reminds me of Berkeley here. Have you visited the campus yet? I would recommend visiting before making a decision on which college to go to, but I didn’t visit U of O before coming here for IntroDUCKtion (orientation over the summer). I got lucky and loved everything here. Feel free to ask me any questions about U of O. I could go on for days x)

Idk if I should rush or not. I don’t want to waste $50 if I end up not liking it.